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I've been rather busy. The truck hit the police officer before plowing into the police car.

Don't cuss! Dewey is calling her sister names. It's amazing how much trouble Murthy is able to get into.

I sat among them. He could not make himself understood in English. If Persians seem extraordinarily polite, perhaps it is because politeness is built into their language. Why don't you wait until Cindy gets here? This answer may not necessarily be wrong. Noemi wanted to be the best. Japanese sci-fi, as in anime, involves their Buddhistic and Animistic spirituality. Does Herbert have a crush on Darci? Everything will work out.

She prefers blood oranges. We have to clear up the problem first. The neck of the bottle was broken. She is the very most famous actress. Is this your baggage? For the past two weeks, Thierry has been working non-stop to prepare for the press conference. In our company, the official language is Japanese. To the airline office. Any chance of us getting approved? Agatha hated that photo.

Margie thought he heard his name being called. I'm looking for my mobile phone. The school is on a hill. I said you were making a mistake. Are you going home by bus? "Tell me why you are so sad." "It's personal." I've seen you around. He works from nine to five-thirty. I won't read it. I had to drag him out of bed.

I'm glad Clem has gone. She carried off all the prizes. The ships reached port.

Does your mom know where you were last night? Damon will come later.

It's evil. In the end, we did not confess. Slotted spoons have a particular role in the traditional absinthe ritual. They are used to hold a sugar cube over a glass as one dissolves it into her drink with cold water. I'll quit.

The Japanese flag is a white rectangle with a red circle in the centre representing the sun. Can you hold that thought?

Where else could that happen? I hope you enjoy your stay with us. Jun promised to come, but hasn't showed up yet. Novo has called an ambulance. Many people attended her funeral. Due to unforeseen circumstances, our trip to the mountains this weekend will be cancelled. She needs the money. The Crostolo torrent is full of nutrias. He is doing well. Though it was very cold, I went out.

Stanislaw might not know the answer. Boyd works in a coffee shop. Dan believes that he's the center of the universe.

Conrad is still very traumatized by what happened. I like to be here. He is as great a statesman as ever lived. She can understand everything they're saying. I'm sure Mitch will pick Eddy up after school. Nicolas and Shean have just gotten back to Boston. Yvonne came home pretty late last night. Do you know what's wrong with it? Has my trunk come yet?

Don't forget your bathing suit. I was so happy that I forgot to thank them.

Ken is worried for his safety. The two mountains are of equal height. It worked. She blushes. I'll leave the planning to you. I paid $200 in taxes. I can't stand it. Go buy something to eat.

I made the first move. I'll be responsible. They believe their country is secure against foreign enemies. He is at home, but no one can see him. Who wrote this sentence? This is the second time Konrad has been here this week. Don't you ever slap Jem around again.

That isn't it. If I were rich, I would do so. As it is, I can do nothing. I have to talk to you about Helen. What do you suggest I do? Does Arnold Schwarzenegger visit Austria?

Hold the baby very carefully. I wept in spite of myself. Are you vegetarian? Vassos is our son. I'll meet you at the usual place. Maybe we should talk again tomorrow. In 1961, Yuri Gagarin became the first human to pilot a spacecraft when he was launched aboard Vostok 1 by the Soviet Union. They had no food.

I was challenged by a gatekeeper. I wish to make a complaint. Ram closed the doors. Be careful not to step in the mud puddle.